ISS has updated the ProxyExchange (PX) Platform to version 2.0.3. In this release, we are introducing new functionality as well as performance improvements in mission critical areas of the PX platform. After this release, to work on multiple sessions/user logins at the same time, you can take the steps outlined here.

If you should have any questions about the new functionality on PX or the steps outlined, please contact your ISS Client Service team member.
  • Internet Explorer (IE) users: Go to File and choose New Session.
  • Firefox users: You can install plugins like Multifox.
  • Chrome users: You can install plugins like MultiLogin.

DISCLAIMER: ISS is not endorsing any plugin. You are free to evaluate and use other plugins to work on multiple sessions.
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Europe: +44 (0) 20 3192 - 5798

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Email: governance.support@issgovernance.com

The ProxyExchange platform has been optimized for Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 through 11, Mozilla Firefox 40.0, and Google Chrome 43.0. For the best results, we recommend you use one of these browsers.

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